Why Wisteria?

Twenty odd years ago, one day in late May, I saw a purple cottage. I fell in love instantly.

Two Wisteria sinensis, planted some twenty-five or thirty years earlier, one each side of the door, had grown up the front of the house, over the roof and down the other side – the house had been standing empty for many years.

I was desperate to have a flowering Wisteria, but worried about their reputation for being unwilling to flower quickly and their wild and unruly growth habit, especially as our garden is not very big. I decided I simply had to make this plant fit into our garden….

I bought some seeds and they germinated successfully, and having an interest in Bonsai, I discovered the technique of air layering.

The same year a friend gave me a Wisteria sinensis that I planted over an arch by the gate into the garden.

The air layered plants were successful, and are still kept as bonsai. Two of the first Wisteria I grew from seed have flowered (one after 11 years and one after 16!)

Then I began to discover other species and cultivars and found a copy of Peter Valder’s book “Wisteria”. I was well and truly obsessed….